Maternity Shoots – Transformation and Celebration!


I believe pregnancy is the most exciting and challenging time in any woman’s life. This is the time when a woman nurtures a new life within her. This time is not just special but worth celebrating. For centuries, people (especially women) in different cultures have been celebrating this time by organizing BABY SHOWERS but the trend of having a maternity shoot done started just a couple of years ago. Ladies are embracing their pregnant bodies with more love now and want to celebrate this special time for themselves and their babies by capturing this priceless time in the form of beautiful maternity portraits. And why not? I think these beautiful memories in the form of portraits are a legacy for your loved ones and especially your kids. When they’ll grow up and look at these pictures, they will thank you for these beautiful memories.

Maternity shoots now are not just about the pregnant women but the whole family. Everyone wants to be a part of these shoots.

During the last shoot, Anu’s husband Steve actively participated in the shoot. He’s one doting hubby! You can see the love and excitement in their eyes. And when you have your loved ones around, the celebration becomes more memorable.


Creating portraits around the likes of clients is very important and therefore I prepare & share mood boards multiple times with my clients to make sure I am planning everything they would love and cherish. I do experiment during the shoots but within the comfort remit of my clients. The images below were supposed to be in just this white top and white underpants (as planned in the mood board) but it didn’t feel like what I wanted to capture so I wrapped this white fabric around Anu’s waist. Anu is a pole instructor and has always loved to dance so I posed her in a way that suits her personality. The posing and the white fabric didn’t just add to the overall feel of the image but gave Anu’s pregnant body a beautiful shape.



All are my favorite but the ones that appeal to me the most are the ones where to-be mums embrace their pregnant bodies with confidence and love. I don’t want just the pretty elements in my images but confidence, acceptance, love, feelings, excitement, and celebration.



It’s the most important aspect of any portrait genre. If there’s no connection, it’s not a portrait! It takes a while initially to make my clients comfortable in front of the camera but I think they get a lot relaxed while getting their makeover done. Actually, it adds to their excitement. And when its time for them to pose, I am there to guide them. We are everyday women and not models so I don’t expect my clients to behave like one. I know how to pose them so they don’t need to worry about that and I get the most amazing and flattering portraits. It’s quite surprising how my clients start to open up and explore their hidden sides when I show them what I’m getting in my camera.


All the shoots are curated according to the choices of my clients and also understanding and analyzing what would look good on them according to their height, skin color, hair, and body shape. Everybody is unique so every shoot has to be unique. But having said that, there are a few poses that every client wants; like these:


I absolutely love creating these gorgeous portraits and memories for people. It’s like food for the soul.

Akanksha Agarwal