The Power of Visuals!


Before I talk about how powerful is the visual content in marketing your business, let’s understand what is visual marketing content.
*Cover Images
*Behind the scenes

Using all these mediums, you market your business. How eye-catching you make it is entirely up to you. And ONLY IF you make it EYE-CATCHING, it will grab your ideal audience’s attention.

In my last blog Is Personal Branding over-hyped? we discussed what actually personal branding is and why is it important?
Let’s now understand, WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO CREATE A BRAND?
Authenticity, excellence, uniqueness, creativity, credibility, professional visual representation, strong online presence, being memorable, being consistent.

Your authenticity, excellence and uniqueness are felt when someone experiences your services but they also get a taste of it through your website and social media business profiles. RIGHT or WRONG?

Your creativity and credibility can be felt through the testimonials that you receive, when you talk about your business and your passion for it in person and to a larger audience who haven’t contacted you as yet, through your website and social media profiles.

Professional visual representation of your business can be through visual marketing content we discussed above or through business stationery. But business stationery doesn’t work for all kinds of businesses. For me it’s a great way to showcase my work in person but let’s say somebody is a content writer, they can only get their business cards printed or maybe their testimonials(which will look kind of weird). But all businesses can share everything related to their business on social media in the form of business videos, behind the scene videos, testimonials, personal branding pictures to show that they just don’t talk but walk the talk & are a true professional, etc.

Strong online presence – doesn’t mean you have to post daily but how engaging and eye-catching are your posts is what matters.

Being memorable and being consistent – You can be memorable by being consistent and by sharing stuff that actually stops people to scroll further.

If you go back and read the last four paragraphs again, and think about them, you will realize that PROFESSIONAL VISUAL REPRESENTATION is the key to the entrance (like I discussed in my last blog). Even if you do a lot of in-person networking, people will try to evaluate you on the basis of what’s there on your social media platforms and website. They want to find out how credible you are. Just saying I can do this, I can do that will not lead you to sales. You need to SHOW people what can you do for them and PROFESSIONAL VISUALS will help you stand out in many ways.

Brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it does text, and it manages to do all of this in 1/10th of a second so you can think how important it is to have high-quality visuals (images and videos) to make an impact online.
Through professional visuals, you have the opportunity to be entirely original and be proud. Imagine you and a similar business ending up using the same STOCK image for marketing? What will you call it? For me, it’s a DISASTER!

Using authentic professional images and videos can up-level your brand and make a greater positive impact through connection and attracting your ideal clients to working with you.
Facebook posts that include images see 2-3 times more engagement than those without images.

Look at the image here:

It’s a before and after of a client. When we share professional branding images on our business profiles, you’ll see the engagement 6-10 times more than on your usual posts. WHY? Because people want to see the face behind the business. Now you might think, I can do that through LIVEs or without using professional images. Yes, absolutely! TRY IT AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE! People don’t just connect and engage with professional visuals but it leaves an impact on them. They now take you as a true professional and not just another business on Facebook who started off because they think they are good at something. I’m a very good cook, but that doesn’t make me a professional CHEF. It’s like representing yourself exactly the way you are as a business owner – AUTHENTIC & PROFESSIONAL!
Now, you might think do I need to dress up every time I go LIVE on Facebook or share my images?
YES! WHY NOT? Have you seen a news reader go LIVE on television in their pyjamas? Or do you go out for lunch with your friends or family without getting nicely dressed? DO YOU?
YOU ARE CREATING A BRAND and not trying to say that this is how I am and people should accept me the way I look without getting dressed up or doing my hair nicely. That’s very amateurish! It’s not about acceptance. You can definitely share behind the scenes where you let people know what it goes into making your brand a BRAND and people will appreciate that. But if you think you can create a brand by taking the word PROFESSIONAL out of your dictionary, I’m sorry but you’re on the wrong track. You need to make an IMPACT through the words you use, the way you present yourself and the clarity and commitment you show towards your profession.

PERSONAL BRANDING is an investment in your future! Like other investments, THIS TOO IS IMPORTANT!

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(Keep Smiling!)

Akanksha Agarwal